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LAW605Post-Conviction Remedies
LAW609Child Protection and the Law
LAW618Crim Procedure: Investigation
LAW624Advanced Legal Research
LAW628Land Use/Sustnbl Devlp Clnc 2
LAW635Land Use and Resilience Law
LAW637Transactional Skills
LAW638Legislation & Regulation
LAW642Law Practice Management
LAW643Taxation of Business Entities
LAW652Jessup Internatnal Moot Court
LAW653Law & Public Service
LAW654Public Service Externship
LAW655Law & Public Service FT
LAW656Law/Public Service Extrnshp FT
LAW663Renewable Energy & Alt Fuels
LAW665Family Law Quarterly
LAW667MBE Skills Workshop
LAW678US Supreme Court Clinic 2
LAW689FSem:Lawyers & Legislation
LAW689GSem:Religion & Constitution
LAW689RSem: Commercial & Business Law
LAW701International Human Rights
LAW706Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction
LAW711Legal Analysis/Rsch/Writing 2
LAW715Appellate Advocacy
LAW725Constitutional Law 1
LAW729Business Organizations
LAW738Business Torts
LAW740Conflict of Laws
LAW741Employment Law
LAW742Professional Responsibility
LAW750Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW756Trial Advocacy
LAW758Law Review 2
LAW759Civil Rights
LAW762Federal Courts
LAW764Administrative Law
LAW774Local Government
LAW775Pre-trial Litigation
LAW776Sales & Secured Transactions
LAW777Health Care Torts
LAW779Business Transactions Drafting
LAW780Federal Judicial Externship 1
LAW780AFederal Judicial Externship 2
LAW783Legal Clinic 2
LAW786Lugar Trial Advocacy
LAW787Intercollegiate Moot Court
LAW789Law-Environmental Protection
LAW791FADTP:Scholarly Write Workshop
LAW793DSPTP: Anatomy of a Case
LAW793HSPTP:Accounting for Lawyers
LAW793JSPTP:Intro to Wealth Trans Tax
LAW793KSPTP: Cannabis Law
LAW793LSPTP: Intl Climate Change
LAW794NSem:Schools,Race,Money or More
LAW795Independent Study

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