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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MAN3025Principles of Management
MAN3093Healthcare Management
MAN3240Org Behavior Analysis
MAN3301Human Resource Management
MAN4063Management Ethics
MAN4280Org Development and Change
MAN4282Organizational Assessment
MAN4329People Analytics
MAN4402Employment Laws
MAN4441Negotiation/Conflict Resolutn
MAN4504Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt
MAN4600International Management
MAN4631Global Perspectives
MAN4737Integrated Mgmt Applications
MAN4743Business and Environment
MAN4802Entrepreneur/Small Bus Mgmt
MAN4804Sm Bus Management Counseling
MAN4905Independent Study
MAN4930Business Analysis
MAN4930ST: Competing Emerging Markets
MAN4930ST: Creativity in Entreprneurs
MAN4930ST: Management Ethics
MAN4931Independent Research
MAN4940Management Internship
MAN4970Management Honors Thesis
MAN6055Organization Behavior & Ldrshp
MAN6068Social Issues in Management
MAN6147Leadership/Management Concepts
MAN6165Principles of Collaboration
MAN6244Organizational Behavior
MAN6289Organizational Change/Develop
MAN6305Human Resource Management
MAN6347People Analytics
MAN6601International Management
MAN6726Strategic Business Analysis
MAN6766Leadership and Corp Acc
MAN6774Executive Leadership
MAN6782Org Strategies 21st Century
MAN6905Independent Study
MAN6911Directed Research
MAN6930Business Problem Analylsis
MAN6930Business Problem Analysis
MAN6930Employment Laws
MAN6930Org Behavior & Leadership
MAN6930Organizational Behavior & Ldrs
MAN6930Selected Topics: Org Behavior
MAN6930ST: Dev. Leadership Skills
MAN6930ST: Management Design Thinking
MAN6950Capstone Exp/Leading Organizat
MAN7939Issues in Management

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