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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MAN3025Principles of Management
MAN3240Org Behavior Analysis
MAN3301Human Resource Management
MAN4280Org Development and Change
MAN4282Organizational Assessment
MAN4504Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt
MAN4600International Management
MAN4631Global Perspectives
MAN4737Integrated Mgmt Applications
MAN4930Environmental Law
MAN4930ST: Doing Business in Europe
MAN6055Organization Behavior & Ldrshp
MAN6147Leadership/Management Concepts
MAN6601International Management
MAN6726Strategic Business Analysis
MAN6782Org Strategies 21st Century
MAN6905Independent Study
MAN6911Directed Research
MAN6930Selected Topics:
MAN6930ST: Innovation and Dali

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