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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MATH003Developmental Mathematics
MATH007Algebra for MATH 107
MATH013Algebra for MATH 113
MATH015Algebra for MATH 115
MATH107Introduction to Math Modeling and Probability
MATH113College Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH120Elementary Calculus I
MATH121Elementary Calculus II
MATH135Discrete Mathematics for Life Sciences
MATH136Calculus for Life Sciences
MATH140Calculus I
MATH140HCalculus I
MATH141Calculus II
MATH141HCalculus II
MATH206Introduction to Matlab
MATH212Elements of Numbers and Operations
MATH213Elements of Geometry and Measurement
MATH214Elements of Probability and Statistics
MATH240Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH241Calculus III
MATH241HCalculus III
MATH246Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
MATH246HDifferential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
MATH274History of Mathematics
MATH299BSelected Topics in Mathematics; Putnam Express
MATH299GSelected Topics in Mathematics; Geometry in Physics
MATH299ISelected Topics in Mathematics; Introduction to Category Theory
MATH299JSelected Topics in Mathematics; Spectral Graph Theory and Applications
MATH299YSelected Topics in Mathematics; Teaching Math to a Young Audience
MATH310Introduction to Mathematical Proof
MATH314Introduction to Probability, Data, Analysis and Statistics for Preservice Middle School Teachers
MATH315Algebra for Preservice Middle School Teachers
MATH340Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations I (Honors)
MATH386Experiential Learning
MATH401Applications of Linear Algebra
MATH402Algebraic Structures
MATH403Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH405Linear Algebra
MATH406Introduction to Number Theory
MATH410Advanced Calculus I
MATH411Advanced Calculus II
MATH416Applied Harmonic Analysis: An Introduction to Signal Processing
MATH424Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance
MATH430Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries
MATH431Geometry for Computer Applications
MATH432Introduction to Topology
MATH436Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces I
MATH445Elementary Mathematical Logic
MATH461Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
MATH462Partial Differential Equations
MATH463Complex Variables
MATH464Transform Methods
MATH475Combinatorics and Graph Theory
MATH489Research Interactions in Mathematics; Research Interactions in Mathematics
MATH498ASelected Topics in Mathematics
MATH600Abstract Algebra I
MATH603Commutative Algebra
MATH606Algebraic Geometry I
MATH630Real Analysis I
MATH634Harmonic Analysis
MATH642Dynamical Systems I
MATH661Complex Analysis II
MATH669Selected Topics in Riemann Surfaces
MATH673Partial Differential Equations I
MATH689Research Interactions in Mathematics
MATH695Teaching Seminar
MATH712Mathematical Logic I
MATH730Fundamental Concepts of Topology
MATH742Geometric Analysis
MATH799Master's Thesis Research
MATH808ASelected Topics in Algebra
MATH808ISelected Topics in Algebra; .Moduli of Vector Bundles
MATH808QSelected Topics in Algebra; Abelian Varieties
MATH818ASelected Topics in Logic
MATH848ASelected Topics in Geometry and Topology
MATH848YSelected Topics in Geometry and Topology; Topics in Differential Geometry
MATH858ASelected Topics in Analysis
MATH858GSelected Topics in Analysis; Optimal Transport
MATH868ASelectedTopics in Complex Analysis
MATH898Pre-Candidacy Research
MATH899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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