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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ME2004Eng Analysis Numerical Methods
ME2974Independent Study
ME2994Undergraduate Research
ME3024Engineering Design & Econ
ME3034Mech Engng Discourse
ME3304Heat and Mass Transfer
ME3414Fluid Dynamics
ME3524Mechanical Vibrations
ME3534Controls Engineering I
ME3624Mechanical Design
ME4005Mechanical Engineering Lab
ME4016Engineering Design and Project
ME4034Bio-Inspired Technology
ME4174Spacecraft Propulsion
ME4194Sustainable Energy Solutions
ME4204Internal Combustion Engines
ME4524Robotics & Automation
ME4534Land Vehicle Dynamics
ME4614Mechanical Design II
ME4634Intro to CAD/CAM
ME4674Material Selection Mech Design
ME4974Independent Study
ME4994Undergraduate Research
ME5034Bio-Inspired Technology
ME5314Conv Heat & Mass Transfer
ME5564Applied Linear Control
ME5584Convex Optimization
ME5694Advanced Design Project
ME5714Digital Signal Processing
ME5734Advanced Engineering Acoustics
ME5744Meth Mech Engineering Analysis
ME5764Modeling MEMS and NEMS
ME5794Optimization Tech In Eng
ME5904Project and Report
ME5974Independent Study
ME5994Research and Thesis
ME6104Adv Topics in Thermodynamics
ME6434Comp Fluid Dyn Heat Trans
ME6544Linear Control Theory
ME6574Adaptive Control Systems
ME7994Research and Dissertation

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