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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MINE1024Ldrshp & Srvce Minl Ind
MINE2544Leadership Responsible Mining
MINE2564Resource Exploration & Design
MINE2994Undergraduate Research
MINE3544Mineral Processing Laboratory
MINE3564Underground Mine Design
MINE3574Surface Mine and Quarry Design
MINE3584Ventilation Engineering
MINE3644Applications in Min Processing
MINE3714Petr Reservoir Engineering
MINE4536Senior Design Project
MINE4544Mine Rec and Environ
MINE4554Mining Engrg Seminar
MINE4974Independent Study
MINE4994Undergraduate Research
MINE5025Advanced Mining Design
MINE5045Advanced Mineral Processing
MINE5094Particulate Process Modeling
MINE5214Multicomponent Thermodynamics
MINE5234Num Modeling Petro Reservoirs
MINE5904Project and Report
MINE5974Independent Study
MINE5994Research and Thesis
MINE7994Research and Dissertation

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