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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MKTG101Creativity and Innovation
MKTG201Personal Marketing: Brand Me
MKTG340Principles of Marketing
MKTG341Advertising Strategy
MKTG342Digital Marketing Strategy
MKTG350Consumer Behavior
MKTG360Professional Selling
MKTG388Social Media and Content Marketing
MKTG445Marketing Strategy
MKTG446Marketing Research
MKTG471ST Digital Marketing
MKTG472IS: Brand Marketing
MKTG472IS: Keep Up App Dev
MKTG472IS: Marketing Strategy
MKTG472IS: Recollection of Rejects
MKTG472IS: Stimatized Shoes
MKTG488Final Honors Project
MKTG490Marketing Internship
MKTG630Predictive Analytics & Data Mining
MKTG641Marketing Management
MKTG671ST: Digital Marketing
MKTG671ST: Marketing Analytics

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