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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUE1121Keyboard Skills Music Ed II
MUE2090Foundations of Music Education
MUE3414Creative Perf Chamber Ensemble
MUE3415Creative Perf Chamber Ens II
MUE3421Choral Techniques
MUE3422Wind Techniques
MUE3423String Techniques
MUE3424Progressive Music Ed Methods I
MUE3425Progressive Music Ed Methods 2
MUE3475Percussion Techniques
MUE4331Choral Methods
MUE4332Instrumental Methods
MUE4480Marching Band Methods
MUE4854CGlobal Music Pedagogy
MUE4936Senior Seminar in Music Educ
MUE4940Internship: Music Education
MUE4940Music Internship
MUE6097Music, Medicine and Myths
MUE6906Ind Study: Music Education
MUE7746Meas Eval in Music
MUE7786Qual Meth in Mus Ed
MUE7816Music Cognition
MUE7835Phil & Hist Iss in Mus Ed
MUE7855International Persp in Mus Ed
MUE7935Sem MUS High Ed
MUE7937Creativity Conceptions:
MUE7939Seminar Music Educ Research

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