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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUS2010Recital Attendance
MUS2201Language Diction For Singers
MUS4905Adv. Orchestral Conducting
MUS4905Advanced Inst. Conducting
MUS4905Analysis of Ravel Sonata
MUS4905Beethoven Cello Sonatas
MUS4905Fieldwork in Public Schools
MUS4905Guitar Studio
MUS4905Impact of Music Training
MUS4905Inst. Conducting / Score Study
MUS4905Merging the Arts
MUS4905Music History- Rom/Con
MUS4905Music Theory 2
MUS4905Performance Practice
MUS4905Recording Project
MUS4905Respighi Recording Project
MUS4905Secondary Wind Band Literature
MUS4905Transcribing for Jazz Ensemble
MUS4905Violin Pedagogy
MUS4930All You Need Is Love: Beatles
MUS4930Brass Chamber Music
MUS4930Chamber Music Literature
MUS4930Collaborative Piano
MUS4930Critical Analysis of Hip Hop
MUS4930Critical Analysis: History
MUS4930Music, Medicine, and Myths
MUS4930Popular Music Ensemble
MUS4930Principles and Practices of
MUS4930Rock Fusion Ensemble
MUS4930Student Teaching: Middle Sch
MUS4930Student Teaching: Sr High
MUS4930Survey of Arts Administration
MUS4930Trombone Band
MUS4930Trombone Choir
MUS4930Trombone Octet
MUS4930Trumpet Ensemble
MUS4930Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble
MUS4930Video Game Music
MUS4930Woodwind Chamber Music
MUS4931Beginning Guitar
MUS4931Class Guitar
MUS4931Introduction to Pro Tools
MUS4931Jazz Keyboard Skills
MUS4931Master Chorale
MUS4931MUE Percussion Class
MUS4931Reed Class
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Panayotova
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Posadas
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Tambiah
MUS4931UG Chamber Music-Germino
MUS4931UG Chamber Music-Kluksdahl
MUS4935Music Senior Seminar
MUS5905Advanced Score Analysis
MUS5905All You Need Is Love--Beatles
MUS5905Campus Concert Band
MUS5905Chamber Music Literature
MUS5905Collaborative Piano
MUS5905Conducting/Rehearsal Pedagogy
MUS5905Conductor's Score Study
MUS5905Critical Analysis of Hip Hop
MUS5905Early Music in Teaching Studio
MUS5905Graduate Chamber Music
MUS5905Graduate Comp. Exam
MUS5905Graduate Comprehensive Exam
MUS5905Graduate Music Internship
MUS5905Guitar Studio
MUS5905Instrumental Conducting
MUS5905Introduction to Pro Tools
MUS5905Jazz Arr. & Comp. Pedagogy
MUS5905Kreutzer Project
MUS5905Lyric Diction for Singers
MUS5905Master Chorale
MUS5905Music of Brahms
MUS5905Musical Scenes Study
MUS5905Orchestral Flute Excerpts
MUS5905Orff Pedagogy Level 1
MUS5905Orff Pedagogy Level 2
MUS5905Performance Practice
MUS5905Performance Practices
MUS5905Popular Guitar Ensemble
MUS5905Popular Music Ensemble
MUS5905Projects: Grad. Chamber Music
MUS5905Research Project:
MUS5905Rock Fusion Ensemble
MUS5905Tuba/Euphonuim Ensemble
MUS5905University Pep Band
MUS5905Video Game Music
MUS5905Wind Band Conducting
MUS6793Tech of Research Mus/Mus Ed
MUS6906Learner-Centered Pedagogy
MUS6910Compreh. Sax Repertoire List
MUS6910Directed Research
MUS6971Thesis: Master's
MUS6976Graduate Recital

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