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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUSC100Introduction to Music Literature
MUSC101Recital Attendance
MUSC112Theory II
MUSC115Ear Training and Sight Singing II
MUSC117Technology in the Music Classroom
MUSC123The Art of Jazz
MUSC127Introduction to Computer Music
MUSC151Chamber Orchestra
MUSC155Professional Foundations II
MUSC162First Year Class Piano
MUSC168Clinical Musicianship II: Guitar
MUSC174Field Study II
MUSC212Theory IV
MUSC215Ear Training and Sight Singing IV
MUSC262Second Year Class Piano II
MUSC291Topics in the Arts and Entertainment Business
MUSC300Field Experiences in Music Education
MUSC302Clinical Orientation in Music Therapy
MUSC308Social Media in the Music Industry
MUSC310Wind Bands
MUSC315Contract and Copyright Law for Artists
MUSC322History of Music
MUSC323Applied Trumpet
MUSC324Applied French Horn
MUSC325Applied Trombone
MUSC326Applied Euphonium
MUSC327Applied Tuba
MUSC328Applied Flute
MUSC329Applied Clarinet
MUSC330Applied Saxophone
MUSC331Applied Oboe
MUSC332Applied Bassoon
MUSC333Applied Percussion
MUSC334Applied Piano
MUSC335Applied Guitar
MUSC337Applied Violin
MUSC339Applied Cello
MUSC340Applied String Bass
MUSC341Applied Voice
MUSC342Applied Composition
MUSC348Woodwind Techniques
MUSC353Classroom Instruments
MUSC354Introduction to Conducting
MUSC358Choral Literature and Materials
MUSC364Jazz Techniques I
MUSC368Guitar Class
MUSC380The History and Pedagogy of Percussion
MUSC391Topics in the Arts and Entertainment Business
MUSC400Field Experiences in Music Education
MUSC402Clinical Orientation in Music Therapy
MUSC404Music Business Field Experience
MUSC418Arranging and Orchestration
MUSC420Methods and Materials in Music Therapy
MUSC434Jazz Ensemble
MUSC435Percussion Ensemble
MUSC436Guitar Ensemble
MUSC447Methods and Practicum for Intermediate Music
MUSC450Chamber Music Ensemble
MUSC456Radford Singers
MUSC457Opera Workshop
MUSC462Student Teaching in Music K 12
MUSC480SpTopics in Music The Beatles
MUSC486Psychology of Music
MUSC493Internship in Music Therapy
MUSC494Internship in Music Business
MUSC497Undergraduate Recital
MUSC518Arranging and Orchestration
MUSC531Wind Ensemble
MUSC536Guitar Ensemble
MUSC593Music Therapy Internship
MUSC614Romantic Music
MUSC633Analytical Techniques
MUSC642Practicum in Music Therapy
MUSC652Special Applications in Music Therapy II
MUSC654Advanced Conducting Techniques
MUSC672Advanced Applied Music
MUSC680Special Topics in Music
MUSC697Graduate Recital
MUSC699Research and Thesis

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