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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUSC101Band: Concert
MUSC101ABand: Varsity
MUSC111Introduction to Music
MUSC112Great Composers in Performance
MUSC113American Popular Music
MUSC115Introduction - History of Jazz
MUSC116Music in World Cultures
MUSC120History of Musical Theatre
MUSC121Applied Music: Euphonium
MUSC121AApplied Music: Horn
MUSC121BApplied Music: Trombone
MUSC121CApplied Music: Trumpet
MUSC121DApplied Music: Tuba
MUSC122Applied Music: Jazz
MUSC123Applied Music: Harpsichord
MUSC123AApplied Music: Organ
MUSC123BApplied Music: Piano
MUSC124Applied Music: Percussion
MUSC124AApplied Music: Drum Set
MUSC125Applied Music: Cello
MUSC125AApplied Music: Guitar
MUSC125BApplied Music: String Bass
MUSC125CApplied Music: Viola
MUSC125DApplied Music: Violin
MUSC125EApplied Study:Harp
MUSC126Applied Music: Voice
MUSC127Applied Music: Bassoon
MUSC127AApplied Music: Clarinet
MUSC127BApplied Music: Flute
MUSC127CApplied Music: Oboe
MUSC127DApplied Music: Saxophone
MUSC129Music Technology 1: GarageBand
MUSC130Piano Class Level 0
MUSC131Piano Class Level 1/2
MUSC132Piano Class Level 1
MUSC133Piano Class Level 1 1/2
MUSC134Piano Class Level 2-2 1/2
MUSC136Guitar Class 1
MUSC137Music Therapy Class Guitar 1
MUSC139Voice Class 2
MUSC160Introduction Music Composition
MUSC163Aural Theory 2
MUSC164Written Theory 2
MUSC167Theory for Music Theatre 2
MUSC180Intro to Music Education
MUSC182Music in the Elementary School
MUSC189Music Convocation
MUSC191First-Year Seminar
MUSC201Conducting & Score Interpretn
MUSC202Conducting & Rehearsing
MUSC205Cl Found of MT
MUSC221Applied Music: Euphonium
MUSC221AApplied Music: Horn
MUSC221BApplied Music: Trombone
MUSC221CApplied Music: Trumpet
MUSC221DApplied Music: Tuba
MUSC222Applied Music: Jazz
MUSC223Applied Music: Harpsichord
MUSC223AApplied Music: Organ
MUSC223BApplied Music: Piano
MUSC224Applied Music: Percussion
MUSC224AApplied Music: Drum Set
MUSC225Applied Music: Cello
MUSC225AApplied Music: Guitar
MUSC225BApplied Music: String Bass
MUSC225CApplied Music: Viola
MUSC225DApplied Music: Violin
MUSC225EApplied Study: Harp
MUSC226Applied Music: Voice
MUSC227Applied Music: Bassoon
MUSC227AApplied Music: Clarinet
MUSC227BApplied Music: Flute
MUSC227CApplied Music: Oboe
MUSC227DApplied Music: Saxophone
MUSC231MT Interv Adult
MUSC236Introduction to Recording Tech
MUSC237Music Therapy Class Guitar 2
MUSC239AMT Pract 2
MUSC263Aural Theory 4
MUSC264Written Theory 4
MUSC269BDiction for Singers: Ger. & Fr
MUSC271Hist-Western Musical Tradtns 2
MUSC280Woodwind Instrument Pedagogy
MUSC281Brass Instrument Pedagogy
MUSC282String Instrument Pedagogy
MUSC283Percussion Instrument Pedagogy
MUSC284Vocal Pedagogy
MUSC300Band:Wind Symphony
MUSC300ABand: Symphonic
MUSC302University Choral Union
MUSC304Introduction To Opera Theatre
MUSC305University Choir
MUSC311Intro - Jazz Improvisation
MUSC321Applied Music: Euphonium
MUSC321AApplied Music: Horn
MUSC321BApplied Music: Trombone
MUSC321CApplied Music: Trumpet
MUSC321DApplied Music: Tuba
MUSC322Applied Music: Jazz
MUSC323Applied Music: Harpsichord
MUSC323AApplied Music: Organ
MUSC323BApplied Music: Piano
MUSC324Applied Music: Percussion
MUSC324AApplied Music: Drum Set
MUSC325Applied Music: Cello
MUSC325AApplied Music:Guitar
MUSC325BApplied Music: String Bass
MUSC325CApplied Music: Viola
MUSC325DApplied Music: Violin
MUSC325EApplied Study: Harp
MUSC326Applied Music: Voice
MUSC327Applied Music: Bassoon
MUSC327AApplied Music: Clarinet
MUSC327BApplied Music: Flute
MUSC327CApplied Music: Oboe
MUSC327DApplied Music: Saxophone
MUSC328Applied Lessons for Minors
MUSC331Adv Prin & Prac
MUSC336Intro-Digital Audio Wrkstation
MUSC339AMusic Thrpy Practicum 4
MUSC340Chamber Music: Brass
MUSC341Chamber Music: Guitar
MUSC342Chamber Music:Piano-4 Hand
MUSC343Chamber Music: Strings
MUSC344Chamber Music: Woodwind
MUSC348Chamber Music: New Music
MUSC349Chamber Music: Other
MUSC349BChamber Music: Other
MUSC352Chmbr Musc: Percussion 2
MUSC353Chmbr Musc: Large Jazz Ens 1
MUSC353AChmbr Musc: Large Jazz Ens 2
MUSC353BChamber Music:Jazz Small Group
MUSC353CChmbr Music:Jazz Small Group 2
MUSC353EChamber Music: Jazz/Ethnic
MUSC355Chamber Music: Steel Band 1
MUSC356Chamber Music: African
MUSC358Chamber Music: Ethnic
MUSC359Chamber Music: Taiko
MUSC361Fife and Drum Ensemble
MUSC363Appalachian Music Ensemble
MUSC380Instrumental Methods/Tech Apps
MUSC381Choral Music Methods/Tech Apps
MUSC382Gnrl Music Methods/Tech Apps
MUSC384Music Arranging Public School
MUSC404Opera Practicum
MUSC410Introduction to Music Industry
MUSC411Intllctul Prprty-Music Indstry
MUSC412Music Product Dvlpmnt/Plcmnt
MUSC413Live Music Industry
MUSC414Recording Industry
MUSC415Music Publishing
MUSC421Applied Music: Euphonium
MUSC421AApplied Music: Horn
MUSC421BApplied Music: Trombone
MUSC421CApplied Music: Trumpet
MUSC421DApplied Music: Tuba
MUSC422Applied Music: Jazz
MUSC423Applied Music: Harpsichord
MUSC423BApplied Music: Piano
MUSC424Applied Music: Percussion
MUSC424AApplied Music: Drum Set
MUSC425Applied Music: Cello
MUSC425AApplied Music: Guitar
MUSC425BApplied Music: String Bass
MUSC425CApplied Music: Viola
MUSC425DApplied Music: Violin
MUSC425EApplied Study: Harp
MUSC426Applied Music: Voice
MUSC427Applied Music: Bassoon
MUSC427AApplied Music: Clarinet
MUSC427BApplied Music: Flute
MUSC427CApplied Music: Oboe
MUSC427DApplied Music: Saxophone
MUSC432Methods and Pedagogy
MUSC433Methods and Pedagogy
MUSC437Practicum-Recording Technology
MUSC440MT Practicum 5
MUSC440AMT Senior Practicum 6
MUSC444Psych of Mus
MUSC460Upper Division Composition
MUSC460AElectronic Music Composition
MUSC464Analysis 20th-Centry Art Music
MUSC466Electronic Music-Digital Audio
MUSC467Major Project Thry/Cmpstn/Hist
MUSC468Jazz Harmony
MUSC477Music of Africa
MUSC478Coaching for Singers
MUSC485Music Therapy Internship
MUSC487Student Teaching Seminar
MUSC490Teaching Practicum
MUSC491Professional Field Experience
MUSC492ADir St: BA/MDS Capstone Exp
MUSC493CSPTP: Music and Protest
MUSC493DSPTP: Mental Musicianship
MUSC493ESPTP: Introduction to IPA
MUSC495Independent Study
MUSC500Sec Prfm:Bassoon
MUSC500ASec Prfm:Cello
MUSC500BSec Prfm:Clarinet
MUSC500CSec Prfm:Euphonium
MUSC500DSec Prfm:Flute
MUSC500FSec Prfm:Horn
MUSC500GSecondary Performance
MUSC500HSec Prfm:Oboe
MUSC500ISec Prfm:Percussion
MUSC500JSec Prfm:Piano
MUSC500KSec Prfm:Pipe Organ
MUSC500LSec Prfm:Saxophone
MUSC500MSec Prfm:String Bass
MUSC500NSec Prfm:Trombone
MUSC500OSec Prfm:Trumpet
MUSC500PSec Prfm:Tuba
MUSC500QSec Prfm:Viola
MUSC500RSec Prfm:Violin
MUSC500SSec Prfm:Voice
MUSC500TSec Prfrmnc:Ethnic Percussion
MUSC500USecondary Performance
MUSC500VSecondary Performance
MUSC500WSecondary Performance
MUSC590Teaching Practicum
MUSC595Independent Study
MUSC610Foundations of Recording Ind
MUSC612Music Product Advancement
MUSC614Advanced Recording Industry
MUSC617Development of Music Tech
MUSC620International Music Industry
MUSC626Music Industry Project
MUSC631Survey of Orchestral Music
MUSC634Jazz Performance/Pedagogy
MUSC640Chamber Music:Brass
MUSC641Chamber Music:Guitar
MUSC643Chamber Music:Percussion
MUSC644Chambr Music:Percussion-Ethnic
MUSC646Chmbr Musc:Percussn-Steel Band
MUSC647Chamber Music:Piano
MUSC648Chamber Music:String
MUSC650Chamber Music:Woodwind
MUSC651Chamber Music:Other
MUSC689Masters Recital
MUSC690Teaching Practicum
MUSC695Independent Study
MUSC699Graduate Colloquium
MUSC700PPerformance:String Bass
MUSC700UPerformance:Applied Jazz
MUSC704Opera Theatre

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