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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

NFSC100Elements of Nutrition
NFSC298Sports Nutrition Internship Practicum
NFSC315Nutrition During the Life Cycle
NFSC386Experiential Learning
NFSC399Special Problems in Food Science
NFSC414Mechanics of Food Processing
NFSC430Food Microbiology
NFSC431Food Quality Control
NFSC434Food Microbiology Laboratory
NFSC450Food and Nutrient Analysis
NFSC460Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NFSC470Community Nutrition
NFSC490Special Problems in Nutrition
NFSC491Issues and Problems in Dietetics
NFSC498Selected Topics
NFSC498ASelected Topics; Individual Study
NFSC498LSelected Topics; Diet and Optimal Human Health
NFSC631Advanced Food Microbiology
NFSC633Food Polymer Science
NFSC660Research Methods
NFSC678ASelected Topics in Nutrition
NFSC678LSelected Topics in Nutrition; Diet and Optimal Human Health
NFSC678MSelected Topics in Nutrition; Current Topics in Nutrition and Inflammatory Disease
NFSC679MSelected Topics in Food Science
NFSC688Seminar in Nutrition and Food Science
NFSC699Problems in Nutrition and Food Science
NFSC736Antimicrobial Resistance and Me: Understanding the Science and Adapting Behavior to Preserve Human Health
NFSC799Master's Thesis Research
NFSC898Pre-Candidacy Research
NFSC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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