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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

NGR6002CAdvanced Health Assessment
NGR6064CAdv. Diagnostics & Procedures
NGR6152Advan Physio and Patho
NGR6172Pharm for Adv Practice Nursing
NGR6207CHlth Mgt of Ad & Old Ad I
NGR6210CClin Mgmt Acute & Chron Ill Ad
NGR6211CAcute Care Ad & Old Ad: Sp Top
NGR6221Oncology Nursing Concepts
NGR6234Reprod Hlth Mdl Age to Old Adu
NGR6291CHl Mgt Ad & Old Adts: Spec Top
NGR6301CPr Care of Child & Adol I
NGR6302CPC: Children & Adolesc II
NGR6339CPC Child & Adol: Spec Topics
NGR6342Repr Hlth for Yng to Mdl Ag Ad
NGR6420Fdntns & Mthds Nurse Anesthes
NGR6432Nurse Anesth Clin Residency II
NGR6440LNurse Anesthesia Sim Lab I
NGR6460Pharm for Nur Anes I
NGR6470Assmt, Rad, and Psy of Pain
NGR6473CInterventional Procedures
NGR6491Nur Anesthesia Practice Comp
NGR6492Nur Anes Role Devlpmnt
NGR6613CHlth Mgt of Families: Spec Top
NGR6638Hlth Prom, Clin Prev & Pop Hlt
NGR6651Occupational Health Nursing II
NGR6673Epidemiology for Adv Nursing
NGR6710Teaching Strategies in Nur Ed
NGR6719Clin Case Studies in Nsg Ed
NGR6733Org & Sys Ldshp & QI for APN
NGR6803Research Evidence-Based Prac
NGR6905Adv. Phys & Patho Ind. Study
NGR6905Found of Anes Prac Ind. Study
NGR6905Nur Anes Role Dev. Ind. Study
NGR6905Nurs Anes Sim Lab I Ind. Study
NGR6905Pharm for NA I Ind. Study
NGR6929Clinical Correlational Conf
NGR6931Human Error & Patient Safety
NGR6940Classroom/Online Teaching Prac
NGR6947Clinical Ed Practicum
NGR7125Model Development for Nursing
NGR7766Hlth Sys Ldrsp & Interpr Prac
NGR7837Innv Prgs in Biobehavioral Res
NGR7848Fund of Stats for Clinicians
NGR7874Informatics & Pt Care Tech
NGR7892Hlth Care Policy & Clncl Prev
NGR7905Directed Readings
NGR7915Adv Direct Research in Nursing
NGR7930Scientific Inquiry Forum
NGR7932Qual Research Meth in Nursing
NGR7945DNP Practicum
NGR7974DNP Project
NGR7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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