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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

NSG100Introduction to Nursing
NSG191First-Year Seminar
NSG211Health Assess. & Communication
NSG212Foundations-Nursing Practice
NSG250Clinical Nursing Pharmacology
NSG298AHNRS: NSG 100 Add-On
NSG298BHNRS: NSG 211 Add-On
NSG298CHNRS: NSG 212 Add-On
NSG298EHNRS: NSG 311 Add-On
NSG298FHNRS: NSG 312 Add-On
NSG298GHNRS: NSG 350 Add-On
NSG298HHNRS: NSG 360 Add-On
NSG298IHNRS: NSG 412 Add-On
NSG298JHNRS: NSG 450 Add-On
NSG298LHNRS: NSG 281 Add-On
NSG298MHNRS: NSG 411 Add-On
NSG310Mat/Inf & Women's Health Nsg
NSG311Alterations in Adult Health 1
NSG312Alterations in Adult Health 2
NSG320Child and Adolescent Health
NSG333Ethics in Nursing
NSG350Evidence Basd Prac/Rsrch
NSG360Ethics and Health Policy
NSG361Health Assessment
NSG362Clinical Health Promotion
NSG373Leadership in Organizations
NSG411Nsg: Complex Community Systems
NSG412Leadership in Complex Systems
NSG435Cardiology for Nursing
NSG450Alterations in Mental Health
NSG460Care of the Critically Ill Pt.
NSG461Hlth Policy-Prof Nursing Pract
NSG465Foundtns-Rsrch/Evdnc Bsd Pract
NSG471Cmmnty Hlth Nsg:Thry/Intrvntns
NSG475Applied Research & EBP
NSG482Palliative Care Nursing
NSG485Children/Complex Health Needs
NSG486NCLEX Review
NSG495Independent Study
NSG611System Based Decision Making
NSG616Role Seminar for Leadership MS
NSG617Leadership Practicum 1
NSG622Theory & Disciplined Reasoning
NSG693BSPTP: Adv. Practice Role/IPC
NSG704Health Care Leadership
NSG706Advanced Pathophysiology
NSG709Health Care Informatics
NSG714Primary Care of Families 2
NSG720Family Practicum 1
NSG724Health Research Statistics 1
NSG727Contemporary Nursing Science
NSG731Qualitative Research Methods
NSG735Principles:Nursing Education
NSG739Scientific Underpin of DNP
NSG742AFnds 1: Bsic Pr Safe Anes Care
NSG743Foundations of Anesthesia Lab
NSG745Clinical Immersion
NSG752AFoundations Clin Prac 1
NSG755Acute Care Role Development
NSG758Acute Care 1
NSG763DNP Project
NSG771Pediatric Primary Care 2
NSG772Pediatric Practicum 1
NSG781Research Mentorship
NSG795Independent Study
NSG831DNP Project Implementation

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