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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHAR191First-Year Seminar
PHAR703Pharmacy Practice Experience 1
PHAR707Drug-Induced Diseases
PHAR718Pediatric Pharmacotherapy
PHAR743Teach to Learn: Learn to Teach
PHAR748Acute Care Case Studies
PHAR749Pharmaceutical Investigation
PHAR752History of Drug Discovery
PHAR760Acute Care Rotation 1
PHAR761Acute Care Rotation 2
PHAR762Ambulatory Care Rotation 1
PHAR763Ambulatory Care Rotation 2
PHAR764Elective Rotation 1
PHAR765Elective Rotation 2
PHAR766Selective Rotation
PHAR767Scientific Writing in HSOR
PHAR769Adv Hlth Service Rsrch Methods
PHAR770Community Rotation
PHAR772Institutional Rotation
PHAR777Health Outcomes Res Design
PHAR779Drug Discovery
PHAR782Tumors of the CNS Journal Club
PHAR783Pharm Cell Biology Seminar
PHAR784Pharmacology Journal Club
PHAR787Drug Discovery & Development
PHAR788Grad Sem-Hlth Outcomes Rsrch
PHAR790Teaching Practicum
PHAR793ESPTP: Cardio Pharmacotherapy
PHAR795Independent Study
PHAR796Graduate Seminar
PHAR800Introduction to Pharmacy
PHAR801Drug Delivery
PHAR802Preparation-Pharmctcl Products
PHAR803Physical Pharmacy
PHAR804Drug Delivery Systems
PHAR807Pharmacy Calculations
PHAR818Intro Community Rotation
PHAR820Population Health and Policy
PHAR826Evidence-Based Practice
PHAR840Pharmacy Practice Management
PHAR843Gastroenterology and Nutrition
PHAR844Infectious Diseases
PHAR845Neurology and Psychiatry
PHAR848Acute Care Practice Experience
PHAR849Amb Care Practice Experience
PHAR860Current Topics in Pharmacy

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