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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHC3302Introduction to EOH
PHC3320Environmental Health Science
PHC4030Introduction to Epidemiology
PHC4031Emerging Infectious Diseases
PHC4032Foundatns of Infection Control
PHC4069Biostatistics in Society
PHC4101Overview PH Programs Policies
PHC4117Workforce & Leadership Dvlpmnt
PHC4720Foundation PH Writing
PHC4755Found of Evaluation & Research
PHC4931Health Care Ethics
PHC4942Public Health GIS
PHC4942Public Health in Japan
PHC4942Sem: Hospital Facility MGMT
PHC4942Sem: PH Innovation Studio
PHC6007Cancer Epidemiology
PHC6008Cardiovascular Disease Epid
PHC6020Clinical Trials
PHC6051Biostatistics II
PHC6061Biostatistical Collab II
PHC6063PH Data, Info&Decision Making
PHC6081Intermediate SAS
PHC6104Management Public Hlth Program
PHC6120Commun Partnerships & Advocacy
PHC6147Managing Quality in Hlth Care
PHC6186Public Hlth Emerg In Large Pop
PHC6194Public Health GIS
PHC6313Indoor Enviornmental Quality
PHC6314Infection Control Prog Design
PHC6319Modern Human Diseases
PHC6345HSE Mgmt & Administration
PHC6364Ind Hyg Aspect Plant Operation
PHC6369Industrial Toxicology
PHC6373Bioterrorism & Biodefense
PHC6413Family/Community Violence PH
PHC6460Social Marketing Program Mgmt
PHC6514Inf Dis Control Dev Countries
PHC6517Infectious Disease Prevention
PHC6521Public Health Nutrition
PHC6522Nutrition in Health
PHC6587H & W Advanced Coaching
PHC6701Comp Appl for PH Researchers
PHC6725Focus Group Resrch Strategies
PHC6728Trans Res Meth Adol Beh Hlth
PHC6907Independent Study: Pub Hlth
PHC6934Advanced Programming in SAS
PHC6934Base Programming in SAS
PHC6934Data driven Decision in GH
PHC6934Global Health Security
PHC6934Int'l Perspective Women Hlth
PHC6934Introduction to SPSS
PHC6934Medical Terminology
PHC6934R Programming
PHC6942H&W Coaching Practicum
PHC6943Integrated Learning Experience
PHC6945Supervised Field Experience
PHC6946Svc Lrn in Adol Beh Hth 1
PHC6949Applied Practice Experiences
PHC6971Thesis: MSPH
PHC6977Special Project: MPH
PHC7045Practical Issues Epidemiology
PHC7098Generalized Linear Models
PHC7103Transforming PH Practice
PHC7156Evidence Informed PH II
PHC7405Theoretical Applications
PHC7437Applications in Hlth Econ
PHC7466Hlth Disparitiies/Cultural Com
PHC7504Innovative Education in PH
PHC7563Public Health Lab Mgmt II
PHC7564Public Health Lab Microbiology
PHC7702Adv Public Health Res Methods
PHC7908Spec Study in Public Health
PHC7910Directed Research
PHC7932Practical Applications I
PHC7937Adv Sem in Grant Writing

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