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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHIL100Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL140Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL170Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL171Reasoning For Humans: Clear Thinking in an Uncertain World
PHIL201Spooky Action at a Distance? Where Physics Meets Metaphysics
PHIL202Know Thyself: Wisdom Through Cognitive Science
PHIL203The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People
PHIL205Are Sports Ethical?
PHIL220Bioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
PHIL245Political and Social Philosophy I
PHIL271Symbolic Logic
PHIL308TStudies in Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL308WStudies in Contemporary Philosophy; World Philosophy
PHIL308XStudies in Contemporary Philosophy; Philosophy and Time Travel
PHIL309BPhilosophical Problems; (Anti-) Realism
PHIL310Ancient Philosophy
PHIL318GStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; The Philosophy in AI
PHIL332Philosophy of Beauty
PHIL338DStudies in Value Theory; The Ethics of Sex
PHIL338JStudies in Value Theory; Supreme Law: The Constitution, Morality and the Courts
PHIL341Ethical Theory
PHIL344Philosophy of Race
PHIL362Theory of Knowledge
PHIL386Experiential Learning
PHIL412The Philosophy of Plato
PHIL417The Golden Age of Jewish Philosophy
PHIL418FTopics in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Things we do with words: Statements, Lies, Innuendo
PHIL418LTopics in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Innate Knowledge
PHIL428BClassical Arabic Philosophy by Muslims and Jews
PHIL445Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL453Philosophy of Science II
PHIL498FTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL498GTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL660Metaphysics, Mind, and Language
PHIL688TSelected Problems in Philosophy; Introduction to Semantics
PHIL788GResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL788IResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL799Master's Thesis Research; Masters Thesis Research
PHIL808GSeminar in the Problems of Philosophy
PHIL808KSeminar in the Problems of Philosophy; The Modal Future
PHIL848GSeminar in Ethics; Trust, Personal and Political
PHIL888Professional Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL889Pedagogical Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL898Pre-Candidacy Research
PHIL899Doctoral Dissertation Research; Doctoral Dissertation Research

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