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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHIL100Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL140Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL170Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL171Reasoning For Humans: Clear Thinking in an Uncertain World
PHIL201Spooky Action at a Distance? Where Physics Meets Metaphysics
PHIL202Know Thyself: Wisdom Through Cognitive Science
PHIL203The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People
PHIL220Bioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
PHIL245Political and Social Philosophy I
PHIL308TStudies in Contemporary Philosophy; Understanding Perception
PHIL308WStudies in Contemporary Philosophy; World Philosophy
PHIL309BPhilosophical Problems; (Anti-) Realism
PHIL309KPhilosophical Problems; Political Epistemology
PHIL310Ancient Philosophy
PHIL318GStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; The Philosophy in AI
PHIL332Philosophy of Beauty
PHIL338JStudies in Value Theory; Supreme Law: The Constitution, Morality and the Courts
PHIL341Ethical Theory
PHIL344Philosophy of Race
PHIL362Theory of Knowledge
PHIL386Experiential Learning
PHIL408DTopics in Contemporary Philosophy; Theories of Democracy
PHIL408ETopics in Contemporary Philosophy; The Ethics of Markets
PHIL408KTopics in Contemporary Philosophy; Theories of Meaning
PHIL412The Philosophy of Plato
PHIL428BClassical Arabic Philosophy by Muslims, Jews, and Christians
PHIL428NTopics in the History of Philosophy; The Aztecs: Human Sacrifice and Conquest
PHIL445Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL478Topics in Philosophical Logic; The Logic of Classes, Types, and Properties, and its Applications
PHIL498FTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL498GTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL688TSelected Problems in Philosophy; Introduction to Semantics
PHIL788GResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL788IResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL799Master's Thesis Research; Masters Thesis Research
PHIL808KSeminar in the Problems of Philosophy
PHIL808MSeminar in the Problems of Philosophy
PHIL879BSeminar in Philosophy and Cognitive Studies
PHIL888Professional Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL889Pedagogical Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL898Pre-Candidacy Research
PHIL899Doctoral Dissertation Research; Doctoral Dissertation Research

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