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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHIL100Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL140Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL170Introduction to Logic
PHIL171Reasoning For Humans: Clear Thinking in an Uncertain World
PHIL202Know Thyself: Wisdom Through Cognitive Science
PHIL203The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People
PHIL220Bioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
PHIL220HBioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
PHIL234Fundamental Concepts of Judaism
PHIL261Philosophy of the Environment
PHIL282Free Will & Determinism
PHIL318BStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; The Wisdom of Crowds
PHIL318EStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Philosophy Through Popular Film
PHIL318IStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Epistemology of Disagreement
PHIL320Modern Philosophy
PHIL328EStudies in the History of Philosophy; EXISTENTIALISM AND HUMAN CONDITIONS
PHIL344Philosophy of Race
PHIL360Philosophy of Language
PHIL386Experiential Learning
PHIL408RThe Practice of Philosophy: How To Develop Your Own Work
PHIL417The Golden Age of Jewish Philosophy
PHIL418ITopics in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Causation, Chance and Law
PHIL418KTopics in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Entanglement and Non-Locality in Quantum Mechanics
PHIL428ATopics in the History of Philosophy; Postcolonialism
PHIL445Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL498FTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL498GTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL660Metaphysics, Mind, and Language
PHIL788GResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL788IResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL799Master's Thesis Research; Masters Thesis Research
PHIL808JSeminar in the Problems of Philosophy; Reading "New Work For a Theory of Universals"
PHIL848PSeminar in Ethics; Philosophers on Love
PHIL858KSeminar in Logic and Philosophy of Sciences; Preference and Judgement Aggregation
PHIL888Professional Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL889Pedagogical Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL898Pre-Candidacy Research
PHIL899Doctoral Dissertation Research; Doctoral Dissertation Research

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