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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHY2020Conceptual Physics
PHY2048General Physics I
PHY2048LGeneral Physics I Laboratory
PHY2049General Physics II
PHY2049LGeneral Physics II Laboratory
PHY2053General Physics I
PHY2053LGeneral Physics I Laboratory
PHY2054General Physics II
PHY2054LGeneral Physics II Laboratory
PHY2060Enriched General Physics I
PHY2061Enriched General Physics II
PHY3101Modern Physics
PHY3220Classical Mechanics
PHY3323Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY3822LIntermediate Laboratory
PHY4324Electricity and Magnetism II
PHY4523Statistical Physics
PHY4605Quantum Mechanics II
PHY4823LAdvanced Laboratory
PHY4910Undergraduate Research
PHY4930Undergraduate Seminar
PHY4936Atomic and Molecular Spectra
PHY4936General Relativity
PHY4936Lasers and Applications
PHY4936Math Methods in Physics II
PHY4936Soft Matter Physics
PHY5937Bridge to Classical Mechanics
PHY5937Bridge to E+M
PHY5937Bridge to Math Methods
PHY5937Bridge to Quantum Mechanics II
PHY5937Bridge to Statistical Physics
PHY5937Optics for Scientists
PHY6346Electromagnetic Theory I
PHY6347Applied Electromagnetic Theory
PHY6446Lasers and Application
PHY6536Statistical Mechanics
PHY6646Applied Quantum Mechanics
PHY6753Measurement & Instrumentation
PHY6909Independent Study
PHY6911Directed Research
PHY6935Graduate Seminar
PHY6938Industrial Practicum
PHY6938Medical Physics Seminar
PHY6938Physics Seminar
PHY6938Radiation Clinical Practicum
PHY6938Radiobiology for Physicists
PHY6938Soft Matter Physics
PHY6940Supervised Teaching
PHY6971Thesis: Master's
PHY7910Directed Research
PHY7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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