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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PLCY100Foundations of Public Policy
PLCY101Great Thinkers on Public Policy
PLCY201Public Leaders and Active Citizens
PLCY203Liberty and Justice for All: Ethics and Moral Issues in Public Policy
PLCY213Foundations of Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation
PLCY214Leading and Investing in Social Change: Re-defining and Experimenting with Philanthropy
PLCY300Governance: Collective Action in the Public Interest
PLCY302Examining Pluralism in Public Policy
PLCY304Evaluating Evidence: Finding Truth in Numbers
PLCY306Public Policy Analysis in Action
PLCY309Internship in Political Institutions: State and Local
PLCY310Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation in Action
PLCY311Women in Leadership
PLCY313Advocacy in the American Political System
PLCY386Experiential Learning
PLCY388Special Topics in Public Policy
PLCY388ASpecial Topics in Public Policy; Child and Family Policy Impact
PLCY388DInnovation and Social Change: Do Good Now
PLCY388GGlobal Perspectives on Leading and Investing in Social Change
PLCY388MSpecial Topics in Public Policy; Homeland Security and World Order
PLCY388QSpecial Topics in Public Policy; Introduction to International Security
PLCY400Senior Capstone
PLCY401Contemporary Issues in Public Policy
PLCY610Quantitative Aspects of Public Policy
PLCY611Quantitative Analysis of Policy Issues
PLCY640Microeconomic and Policy Analysis
PLCY641Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis
PLCY670Public Budgeting & Financial Management
PLCY688ETopics in Public Policy; Governance: Normative & Political Dimensions
PLCY688GTopics in Public Policy; Governance: Leadership, Management and Accountability
PLCY688ITopics in Public Policy; Macroeconomic Analysis
PLCY688RTopics in Public Policy; Public Finance and Budgeting
PLCY689APublic Policy Topics; Acquisitions: Concepts and Management
PLCY689EPublic Policy Topics; Program Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis
PLCY689JPublic Policy Topics; Food Economics and Health
PLCY689QPublic Policy Topics; Quantitative Methods for Evidence-based Policies
PLCY689ZPublic Policy Topics; Strategic Management for NonProfit and Public Organizations
PLCY698ASelected Topics in Public Affairs; Poverty Measurement and Alleviation
PLCY698TSelected Topics in Public Affairs; Managing Across Sectors
PLCY699DSelected Topics Public Policy; Examining Social Identity & Pluralism in Public Policy
PLCY699VSelected Topics Public Policy; Homeland Security Policy
PLCY699WSelected Topics Public Policy; Policy Engagement Project A
PLCY699XSelected Topics Public Policy; Policy Engagement Project A Extended
PLCY700U.S. Trade: Policy and Politics
PLCY720International Security Policy
PLCY735Health Policy
PLCY741Global Environmental Problems
PLCY744Environment and Development
PLCY780The American Foreign Policy-Making Process
PLCY783Development and Foreign Aid
PLCY798AReadings in Public Policy
PLCY798BReadings in Public Policy
PLCY798MReadings in Public Policy; Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Policy
PLCY798NReadings in Public Policy; Energy Economics
PLCY798YReadings in Public Policy; Nonprofit Management and Leadership
PLCY798ZReadings in Public Policy; Qualitative Research Methods and Public Policy
PLCY898Pre-Candidacy Research
PLCY899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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