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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PLSC110Introduction to Horticulture
PLSC111Introduction to Horticulture Laboratory
PLSC250Lawns in the Landscape: Environmental Hero or Villain?
PLSC251Financial Applications for the Green Industry
PLSC254Woody Plants for Mid-Atlantic Landscape II
PLSC271Plant Propagation
PLSC303Global Food Systems
PLSC388Honors Thesis Research
PLSC399Special Problems in Plant Science
PLSC400Plant Physiology
PLSC407Advanced Crop Science
PLSC411Plant genetics
PLSC425Green Roofs and Urban Sustainability
PLSC460Application of Knowledge in Plant Sciences
PLSC461Cultural Management of Nursery and Greenhouse Systems: Substrates
PLSC462Cultural Management of Nursery and Greenhouse Systems; Irrigation
PLSC464Cultural Management of Nursery and Greenhouse Systems: Nutrients
PLSC471Forest Ecology
PLSC489BSpecial Topics in Plant Science; Data Wrangling and Visualization with R
PLSC608TResearch Methods; Supervised Teaching
PLSC618Advances in Research; Critiquing Primary Plant Science Literature
PLSC619Seminars in Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
PLSC689FSpecial Topics; Biogeochemistry
PLSC789MAdvances in Research; Plant Membrane Biology
PLSC799Master's Thesis Research
PLSC898Pre-Candidacy Research
PLSC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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