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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

POS2041American National Government
POS2080American Political Tradition
POS2112State/Local Govt & Politics
POS3142Intro to Urban Politics/Govt
POS3173Southern Politics
POS3182Florida Politics & Government
POS3453Political Parties & Int Groups
POS3691Intro to Law and Politics
POS3697Environmental Law
POS3713Empirical Political Analysis
POS3931Am Ntl Security Decison Making
POS3931Contempory Politics
POS3931Food Politics
POS3931Media and Politics
POS3931Political Communication
POS3931Political Sociology
POS3931Politics of Climate Change
POS3931ST: Politics & Religion
POS3931ST: Road to the White House
POS3931The Arab-Israeli Peace Process
POS3931The United Nations and Peace
POS3931Why & How We Fight US Wars
POS4204Pol Behavior/Pub Opinion/Elect
POS4413The American Presidency
POS4424The American Congress
POS4614Constitutional Law I
POS4624Constitutional Law II
POS4693Women and Law I
POS4694Women and Law II
POS4905Independent Study
POS4910Individual Research
POS4941Field Work
POS6127Florida Politics & Government
POS6702Teaching PolSci
POS6735Fndtns of Political Inquiry
POS6736Research Design
POS6746Quantitative Analysis I
POS6909Independent Study
POS6919Directed Research
POS6933Equality, Rights & Dignity
POS6933International Security
POS6933Nat'l Identity&Global Order
POS6933Russian Politics
POS6933Sel Top/Quantitative Analysis
POS6933Sel Topics / Research Design
POS6933Sel Topics / War & Politics
POS6933Sel Topics/Cities in Inter Rel
POS6933Sel Topics/Governance
POS6933Sel Topics/Ph.D. Capstone
POS6933SelTop/Amer. Foreign Policy
POS6933SelTop/Politics& the Political
POS6933SelTop/Russian Gov & Politics
POS6933SelTopics/Human Rights
POS6933ST: Contemporary Political
POS6933ST: Intelligence Operations:
POS6933ST: Southern Politics
POS6933Teaching the Holocaust
POS6942Field Work in Political Sci
POS6971Thesis: Master's

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