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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

POSC110Introduction to Politics
POSC120Introduction to American Government
POSC202Ethical Inquiry in Political Science
POSC241Introduction to International Relations
POSC291Political Inquiry
POSC300Public Administration
POSC335American Public Policy
POSC341European Politics
POSC351Model United Nations (IR)
POSC352International Development (CG/IR)
POSC371Modern Political Thought
POSC439Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties (AG)
POSC440Law, Justice, and Public Policy
POSC485Internships in Political Science and Public Administration
POSC488Final Honors Project (AG; CG; IR; PA; PT: as Designated)
POSC490Seminar (AG)
POSC491Scope and Methods in Political Science. (PT)
POSC498Independent Study (AG; CG; IR; PA; PT: as Designated)

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