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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSCI1024Comp Gov & Politics
PSCI2014Intro to Political Theory
PSCI2054Introduction to World Politics
PSCI2064Global Econ and World Politics
PSCI2974Independent Study
PSCI3016Political Theory
PSCI3115Selected World Problems
PSCI3135Strategies for Modern Warfare
PSCI3334Judicial Process
PSCI3344Global Environ Issues
PSCI3624Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
PSCI3734National Security
PSCI4644Wash Semester Policy
PSCI4754Internship Program
PSCI4964Field Study
PSCI4974Independent Study
PSCI4994Undergraduate Research
PSCI5214Contemporary Political Theory
PSCI5324Executive Branch
PSCI5364Public Ecology
PSCI5894Final Examination
PSCI5974Independent Study
PSCI5994Research and Thesis
PSCI6124Topics in Security Studies

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