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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSY2012Intro to Psychological Science
PSY3204Psychological Statistics
PSY3213Research Methods in Psych
PSY4205Experimental Design/Analysis
PSY4215Discovering Research in Psych
PSY4913Directed Study
PSY4913Leadership Lab
PSY4913Psychology of Juries
PSY4913Social Relationships
PSY4931Abnormal Child Psychology
PSY4931Applied Positive Psychology
PSY4931Attention, Self, and World
PSY4931Bayesian Stats II
PSY4931Brain and Behavior
PSY4931Career Development in Psych
PSY4931Child/Adol Social Devel
PSY4931Construction of Experience
PSY4931Ethics in Medical Research
PSY4931Human Factors
PSY4931Intro to Clinical Psychology
PSY4931Mood Disorders
PSY4931Neurobiology of Addiction
PSY4931Neurobiology of Mental Illness
PSY4931Personality & Individual Diff
PSY4931Presentation and Data Visualiz
PSY4931Programming with Data
PSY4931Psychology of Crime:Psych/Viol
PSY4931Psychology of Gender
PSY4931ST: Judgment & Decision Making
PSY4931Stress and Coping
PSY4931The Attention Economy
PSY4931The Brain Computer Interface
PSY4931The Creative Brain
PSY4931The Self
PSY4932Honors Seminar
PSY4938Language Processing
PSY4938Pro Seminar:
PSY4970Honors Thesis
PSY6065Intro to Advanced Psychology
PSY6217Single Case Experiment Design
PSY6218Graduate Research Methods
PSY6907Independent Study
PSY6917Directed Research
PSY6946Advanced Assessment
PSY6946Clinical Externship
PSY6946Clinical Internship
PSY6946Clinical Practicum
PSY6946Clinical Supervision
PSY6946Internship in I-O Psychology
PSY6946Neuropsych Rsch & Practicum
PSY6947Grad Instruction Methods
PSY6971Thesis: Master's
PSY7908Directed Readings in Psych
PSY7918Directed Research
PSY7931Sem Ethics/Prof Problems
PSY7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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