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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSYC100Introduction to Psychology
PSYC200Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSYC221Social Psychology
PSYC289EPsychology of Evil
PSYC300Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory
PSYC301Biological Basis of Behavior
PSYC334Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
PSYC353Adult Psychopathology
PSYC354Multicultural Psychology in the U.S.
PSYC404Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology
PSYC432Counseling Psychology: Theories, Research, and Practice
PSYC479Special Research Problems in Psychology
PSYC489LAdvanced Special Topics in Psychology; Death, Dying, and Grieving: What Future Health Care Professionals Need to Know
PSYC629AClinical Laboratory; Foundations of Clinical Assessment and Intervention
PSYC629BClinical Laboratory; Assessment Practicum
PSYC629CClinical Laboratory; Adult Therapy Practicum
PSYC629DClinical Laboratory; Child and Adolescent Therapy Practicum
PSYC632Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Children and Adolescents
PSYC638Externship in Professional Psychology
PSYC639Internship in Professional Psychology
PSYC650Culture and Diversity in Mental Health
PSYC656Business Fundamentals and Legal Issues facing Organizations
PSYC657Managing Strategic Organizational Change
PSYC799Master's Thesis Research
PSYC898Pre-Candidacy Research
PSYC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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