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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSYC101Introduction to Psychology
PSYC191First-Year Seminar
PSYC203Research Methods & Analysis 1
PSYC204Research Methods & Analysis 2
PSYC232Sex Roles and Behavior
PSYC234Drugs and Behavior
PSYC241Intro to Human Development
PSYC251Intro to Social Psychology
PSYC281Intro to Abnormal Psychology
PSYC301Biological Foundatns-Behavior
PSYC302Behavior Principles
PSYC304Critical Thinking/Psychology
PSYC315Professional Development
PSYC331History/Systems of Psychology
PSYC341Child Development
PSYC343Child/Adolescent Development
PSYC344Adolescent Development
PSYC345Adulthood and Aging
PSYC362Psychological Assessment
PSYC363Personality Theory
PSYC364Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC367Intro Clin Psyc
PSYC382Exceptional Children
PSYC393ASPTP: Neuroplasticity
PSYC423Cognition and Memory
PSYC426Physiological Psychology
PSYC490Teaching Practicum
PSYC490ATeaching Practicum: Capstone
PSYC491Professional Field Experience
PSYC491AProf Field Experience:Capstone
PSYC495Independent Study
PSYC495AIndependent Study: Capstone
PSYC511Resrch Design/Data Analysis 1
PSYC531Experimental Analysis of Beh
PSYC541Infant Development
PSYC542Child Development
PSYC601Prof Issues-Behavior Analysis
PSYC603Prof Issues-Clinical Psycholgy
PSYC606Seminar on Teaching Psych
PSYC608Prof Issues-Behvrl Neuroscienc
PSYC609Ethics in Behavior Analysis
PSYC651Behavior Pathology
PSYC652Clinical Interviewing
PSYC653Behavioral & Psyc Assessment 1
PSYC656Grant Writing in Psychology
PSYC660Clinical Psychology Practicum
PSYC670Clinical Child Psyc Practicum
PSYC725Social Psychology
PSYC730Adv Behavior Analysis Practicm
PSYC732Behavior Theory & Philosophy
PSYC745Seminar-Life Span Development
PSYC750Clinical Internship
PSYC755Sem:Clinical Supervision
PSYC762Seminar in Clinical Psychology
PSYC790Teaching Practicum
PSYC795Independent Study

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