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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

RDEV250People, Planet, and Profit: Building Sustainable Places
RDEV270Tax and Accounting for Real Estate Development
RDEV350Real Estate Development: Introduction to Principles, Process, and Practice
RDEV450Foundations of Real Estate Finance and Investment
RDEV600Principles and Practice of Real Property Development
RDEV603Introduction to Real Property Finance
RDEV605Tax and Accounting for Real Property Developers
RDEV620Market Analysis for Real Property Development
RDEV630Real Property Finance and Investment
RDEV635Capital Markets and Real Estate Investments for Developers
RDEV640Principles of Urban Design for Real Property Developers
RDEV660Commercial Leasing for Real Property Developers
RDEV670Negotiating Agreements & Resolving Conflicts when Developing Real Property
RDEV688DSelected Topics in Real Estate Development; Geo-Underwriting: Location-Based Project Feasibility Analysis - From Segregation to Gentrification
RDEV689DCurrent Topics in Real Estate Development; Affordable Housing Asset Management
RDEV689YCurrent Topics in Real Estate Development; Guided Real Estate Development Project
RDEV690Capstone Project: Real Property Feasibility Study

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