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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

REL2166Intro to Religion and Ecology
REL2240Intro to the New Testament
REL2300Intro to World Religions
REL3040Intro to Religious Studies
REL3043Intro to Major Religious Texts
REL3063Religion and Social Justice
REL3101Religion and Popular Culture
REL3111Religious Quest in Cont Films
REL3117Religion and American Sports
REL3120Religion in America
REL3131New Religions in America
REL3132Witchcraft/Paganism in America
REL3140Religion, Culture, and Society
REL3167Sustainable Develop & Religio
REL3191Life After Death
REL3280Biblical Archaeology
REL3303Comp Religion:Judaism & Islam
REL3308World Religions
REL3318Intro to Chinese Religion
REL3330Religions of South Asia
REL3335Gods and Goddesses of India
REL3340Buddhism Truths and Paths
REL3363Introduction to Islam
REL3367Islam in the Modern World
REL3375Issues in Caribbean Religions
REL3380Native American Religions
REL3465Religion & the Meaning of Life
REL3500History of Christianity
REL3505Introduction to Christianity
REL3561Roman Catholicism
REL3602Classics of Judaism
REL3607Introduction to Judaism
REL3850World Religion Healthcare Prof
REL3900Directed Readings
REL3936Health, Ethics and Religion
REL3936Health, Ethics, & Religion
REL3936Person Centered Healthcare
REL3936Study of Religion
REL3936World Religions for Health
REL4108Religion and Food
REL4113The Hero and Religion
REL4171Contemporary Christian Ethics
REL4177Comparative Religious Ethics
REL4188Religion and Ecology Seminar
REL4213Early Jewish Literature
REL4216Who Wrote the Bible-Gen/Kings
REL4250Jesus' Life and Teachings
REL4252New Tstmnt II: Pauline Letters
REL4333Hindu Texts and Contexts
REL4499Classics of Christian Thought
REL4910Undergraduate Research
REL4911Undergraduate Research
REL4931Seminar in Religion
REL4936Black Lives Matter
REL4936God and the Bible
REL4936India Urban Rural Contrasts
REL4936India:Urban & Rural Contrasts
REL4936Lost Gospels, Lost
REL4936Rebels, Prophets & Messiahs
REL4938Spring Honors Seminar Topics
REL6143Religion, Culture, and Society
REL6938Chinese Religious Thought
REL6938Herm. & Religious Epistemology
REL6938Indian Urban & Rural Contracts
REL6938Issues in Caribbean Religions
REL6938Modern Jewish Thought
REL6938Religion and Immigration
REL6938Seminar in Hindu Texts
REL6938Special Topics Rel Studies

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