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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SOCA101Introduction to Sociology
SOCA105Introduction to Anthropology
SOCA207Social Problems-Contmp America
SOCA221Families and Society
SOCA225Inequality and the Media
SOCA234The Criminal Justice System
SOCA235Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCA252Biological Anthropology
SOCA254Cultural Anthropology
SOCA258Introduction to Archaeology
SOCA259The Craft of Anthropology
SOCA301Sociological Theory
SOCA302Deviant Behavior
SOCA303Juvenile Delinquency
SOCA305Social Strtfctn/Power-Amr Scty
SOCA311Social Research Methods
SOCA319Police Culture & Socialization
SOCA324Gender and Crime
SOCA333Socolgy Work/Work Places
SOCA334Corp/White Collar Crime
SOCA352Historical Archaeology
SOCA356Ethnographic Field Methods
SOCA360Women & Men In Society
SOCA361Practicing Soc & Anthro
SOCA393CSPTP:Race/Class/Gender Justice
SOCA393ESPTP: Sociology of Food & Ag
SOCA393HSPTP: Bioarchaeology
SOCA405Class/ Status/Power
SOCA433Inside Out Prison Exchange
SOCA470Cities and Urban Life
SOCA488The Capstone Experience
SOCA490Teaching Practicum
SOCA491Professional Field Experience
SOCA493ASPTP: Pop Culture and Crime
SOCA495Independent Study
SOCA499BGSL:Sociology Health Honduras
SOCA601Professional Research/Writing
SOCA616Socio Data Analysis/Intrprt 2
SOCA710Teaching Sociology
SOCA729Exper Design & Analys - Socio
SOCA740Theories of Crime and Deviance

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