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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SOWK200Introduction to Professional Practice
SOWK210Interventive Methods I
SOWK289Preprofessional Field Instruction (P/F)
SOWK301Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SOWK320History of Social Welfare
SOWK321The Foundations of Social Policy
SOWK350Introduction to Social Work Research
SOWK422Interventive Methods II: Working With Individuals and Families
SOWK480Special Topics Child Welfare
SOWK489Field Instruction Placement
SOWK490Integrative Seminar
SOWK498Independent Study
SOWK602Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SOWK615Substance Abuse and Dependency
SOWK621Research I: Basic Research Methodology
SOWK632Social Work Practice II: Groups Practice
SOWK642Foundation Practicum and Seminar II
SOWK680Special Topic Child Welfare
SOWK682Biopsychosocial Assessment
SOWK698Directed Study
SOWK710Women and Mental Health
SOWK761Social Welfare Policy II: Family Policies and Advocacy
SOWK772Research II: Advanced Research Methodology
SOWK784Social Work Practice IV: Family Practice in a Community Context
SOWK785Integrative Seminar
SOWK792Concentration Practicum and Seminar II

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