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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SPC2608Public Speaking
SPC3212Communication Theory
SPC3301Interpersonal Communication
SPC3425Group Communication
SPC3544Persuasion and Media
SPC3710Communication & Diversity
SPC4431Family Communication
SPC4701Intercultural Communication
SPC4714Comm Culture & Community
SPC4900Directed Study
SPC4903Honors Readings
SPC4905Undergraduate Research
SPC4930Comm & Conflict Online
SPC4930Communication & Conflict
SPC4930Food Organizing
SPC4930Global Organization
SPC4930Hip Hop Across the Borders
SPC4930Intercultural Health Comm
SPC4930Listening & Performance
SPC4930Online Communication
SPC4930Resilience & COVID
SPC6391Interpersonal Communication
SPC6726Comm in Close Relationships
SPC6903Directed Readings
SPC6913Directed Research
SPC6934Comm, Illness, Grief & Loss
SPC6934Critical Approaches to Media
SPC6934Narrative Inquiry
SPC6934Power/Control in Organization
SPC6934Race & Ethnicity in Comm
SPC6934Sel Topics in Communication
SPC6971Thesis: Master's
SPC7900Doctoral Research Tutorial
SPC7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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