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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SURV400Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science
SURV410Introduction to Probability Theory
SURV615Statistical Modeling I
SURV617Applications of Statistical Modeling
SURV621Fundamentals of Data Collection I
SURV627Experimental Design for Surveys
SURV632Cognition, Communication and Survey Measurement
SURV650Economic Measurement
SURV665Introduction to Real World Data Management
SURV699Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Reading in Survey Methodology
SURV699ASpecial Topics in Survey Methodology; Ethical considerations
SURV699USpecial Topics in Survey Methodology; Machine Learning for Social Science
SURV702Analysis of Complex Survey Data
SURV720Total Survey Error and Data Quality I
SURV727Fundamentals of Computing and Data Display
SURV736Introduction to Web Scraping with R
SURV740Fundamentals of Inference
SURV750Step by Step Survey Weighting
SURV753Machine Learning II
SURV829Doctoral Research Seminar in Survey Methodology
SURV898Pre-Candidacy Research
SURV899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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