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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SYA3110Classical Theory
SYA3300Research Methods
SYA4121Queer Theory
SYA4304Sociological Research Exp
SYA4910Individual Research
SYA4930Migration & Human Trafficking
SYA4930Social Movements
SYA4930Sociology Elective
SYA4930Topics in Sociology
SYA4935Senior Seminar
SYA4949Sociological Internship
SYA6305Methods of Research
SYA6315Qualitative Research Meth
SYA6909Independent Study
SYA6912Directed Research
SYA6933Advanced Quantitative Methods
SYA6933Deviance and Media
SYA6933Global Migration
SYA6933Grantwriting for PhD Students
SYA6933Health and Inequality
SYA6933Soc of Gender,Sexualities&Bodi
SYA6933Stratification & Social Mobili
SYA6971Thesis: Master's
SYA7357Social Network Analysis
SYA7939Advanced Theory/Methods II
SYA7980Doctoral Dissertation
SYA7988Dissertation Proposal

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