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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

THEA100Theatre Appreciation
THEA180Introduction to World Cinema
THEA201Theatre Aesthetics
THEA227Acting I
THEA232Theatrical Lighting and Sound
THEA236Makeup I
THEA260Theatre Participation I
THEA297Voice and Movement
THEA333Theatre Design II
THEA360Theatre Participation II
THEA370Dramatic Writing
THEA374Survey of Drama
THEA376Theatre History II
THEA383Genre Study: Science Fiction
THEA423Acting III: Shakespeare
THEA425Acting IV: Scene Study
THEA430Theatre Design IV
THEA450Directing II
THEA475Thea Problems:Women & the Vote
THEA476Production Practicum
THEA478Internship in Theatrical Production
THEA498Independent Study

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