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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

THET110Introduction to the Theatre
THET116Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
THET222Foundations of Acting and Performance
THET223Text and Context in Western Theatre
THET251Broadway Mashup: Remixing America Through Musical Theater
THET285The Art of Communication and Presentation
THET294Black Theatre and Performance II
THET310Voice for the Actor I
THET324Character Development
THET360Voice Archetypes
THET363The Business of the Business
THET377Lighting Design I
THET380Sound Design
THET383Costume Design I
THET386Experiential Learning
THET391Theatre History II
THET399Independent Study
THET408RSeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Race and Body Politics in/as Performance
THET408YSeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Feminist Performance Art
THET425Actor's Process II
THET428MSpecial Topics in Advanced Theatre and Performance; Advanced Stage Management Practicum
THET428PSpecial Topics in Advanced Theatre and Performance; Lighting Design for Dance Practicum
THET429Actor's Studio
THET440Advanced Playwriting
THET451Musical Theatre Workshop I
THET471Design Studio in Scenery
THET474Advanced Stage Management
THET477Design Studio in Lighting
THET499Independent Study
THET608RSeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Body Politics: Corporeality in Performance
THET608USeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Performance, Culture and Politics in the 1960s
THET639DAdvanced Design Studio in Scenery
THET649AAdvanced Design Studio in Costume
THET659DAdvanced Design Studio in Lighting; Second & Third Year Design
THET669Independent Study
THET669IIndependent Study; Sound Design
THET669XIndependent Study; Dance and Design for the Camera
THET672Theory of Visual Design in Scenery
THET678Theory of Visual Design For the Performing Arts
THET679AAdvanced Design Studio in Multimedia and Projection Design; First Year Design
THET712Historical Research Methods and Historiography in Theatre
THET788Master's Tutorial
THET789Master's Practicum
THET799Master's Thesis Research
THET888Doctoral Practicum in Theatre
THET889Doctoral Tutorial in Theatre
THET898Pre-Candidacy Research
THET899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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