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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

TLPL101Inquiry Approach to Teaching STEM (Step 1)
TLPL102Inquiry Teaching of STEM in Middle School
TLPL250Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Education
TLPL251Introduction to Teaching
TLPL288DSpecial Problems in Education; Developmental Heuristics
TLPL288WForbidden Books: Censorship of Children's & Young Adult Literature
TLPL298Special Problems in Education
TLPL305BCurriculum and Instruction Cluster
TLPL305MCurriculum and Instruction Cluster
TLPL312Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary Education: Mathematics
TLPL321Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary Education: Science
TLPL340Introduction to Children's Literature and Critical Literacy
TLPL341Assessing Language and Literacy Development in Elementary Classrooms
TLPL343Promoting Skilled and Motivated Readers in Diverse Elementary Classrooms (Part 2)
TLPL360Foundations of Education
TLPL401Student-Centered Curriculum and Instruction
TLPL403Teaching and Learning High School Mathematics
TLPL413Teaching and Learning Middle School Mathematics
TLPL414Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science
TLPL420Knowledge, Reasoning, and Learning in Science
TLPL423Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Middle Grades I
TLPL425Learning and Teaching in Science
TLPL433Foundations of Art Education
TLPL436Studio Processes and Materials: 2D
TLPL440Issues in the Education of English Language Learners
TLPL442Foundations of Literacy and Biliteracy Development
TLPL443Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication for Teaching English Language Learners
TLPL445Methods I: K-12 World Language Methods and Technology
TLPL446Language Variation and Multilingualism in Elementary Classrooms
TLPL447Art Education Methods II
TLPL450Advanced K-12 World Language Methods and Technology
TLPL451Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education: English
TLPL456Teaching Writing
TLPL457Literature for Adolescents
TLPL462Reading in the Secondary School
TLPL470Knowledge, Reasoning, and Learning in Secondary Social Studies
TLPL471Curriculum, Teaching, and Assessment in Secondary Social Studies
TLPL475Equitable Classrooms
TLPL478AProfessional Seminar in Education; Art Education
TLPL479AField Experiences in Education; Art Education
TLPL479BField Experiences in Education; Secondary Social Studies Education
TLPL479CField Experiences in Education; English Education
TLPL479DField Experiences in Education; Secondary Mathematics Education
TLPL479EField Experiences in Education; Middle School Education
TLPL479FField Experiences in Education; Science Education
TLPL479GField Experiences in Education; Tutoring
TLPL479JField Experiences in Education; Second Language Education
TLPL479LField Experiences in Education; Agriculture Education
TLPL481Embracing Diversity in the Classroom Community
TLPL488BSpecial Topics in Education; Teaching Academically, Culturally and Linguistically Divers e Students in Secondary Education
TLPL489Internship in Education
TLPL489GInternship in Education; TEACHING RESIDENCY
TLPL489IInternship in Education
TLPL498Special Problems in Education
TLPL632Understanding and Teaching Aesthetics
TLPL644Foundations of Reading
TLPL645Content Area Reading
TLPL650Understanding, Evaluating and Using Research in School Reading Programs
TLPL656Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners
TLPL657Teaching for Cross Cultural Communication
TLPL661Multiliteracies: Theory and Practice
TLPL664Foundations of Second Language Education: Legal, Social and Historical Trends and Issues
TLPL665Methods of Teaching ESOL
TLPL666English Grammar for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
TLPL670Economics of Education
TLPL689Internship in Education
TLPL695Methods I: K-12 World Language Methods and Technology
TLPL696Advanced K-12 World Language Methods and Technology
TLPL699Master's Seminar
TLPL708ASpecial Topics in Technology, Learning & Leadership; Seminar
TLPL708CSpecial Topics in Technology, Learning & Leadership; Educational Responses to Digital Mis- and Disinformation
TLPL710Theory and Research on Mathematical and Scientific Thinking and Learning
TLPL728Research Seminar in Mathematics and Science Education
TLPL740Language and Education
TLPL762Phenomenological Inquiry I
TLPL765Quantitative Applicaltions for Education Policy Analysis
TLPL767Law, Equity, and Diversity in Education
TLPL774Urban Education
TLPL788DSpecial Topics in Education; Data Management for Social Science Research
TLPL788ESpecial Topics in Education; Professional Seminar in Urban Education
TLPL788OSpecial Topics in Education; Immigration and Education: Ethnographies of Global Migration
TLPL788QSpecial Topics in Education; Seminar in Teacher Education and Professional Development
TLPL788RSpecial Topics in Education; Critical Perspectives in Ethnographic Research
TLPL788USpecial Topics in Education; Race and Whiteness
TLPL788WSpecial Topics in Education; MA Core: Research Methodologies and Educational Practice
TLPL788YSpecial Topics in Education; Pedagogy of Teacher Education
TLPL789Internship in Education
TLPL790Seminar in Mixed Methods Research in Education
TLPL791Qualitative Research I: Design and Fieldwork
TLPL794Foundations of Educational Research I
TLPL798Special Problems in Education
TLPL798MSpecial Problems in Education; Algebra for Middle School
TLPL799Master's Thesis Research
TLPL860Seminar on Case Study Methods
TLPL888Apprenticeship in Education
TLPL889Internship in Education
TLPL898Pre-Candidacy Research
TLPL899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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