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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

TPA2200Intro to Technical Theatre I
TPA2211Intro to Technical Theatre II
TPA2220Intro to Technical Theatre III
TPA2220LTechnical Theatre Lab III
TPA2248Workshop In Stage Makeup
TPA2290LTechnical Theatre Lab I
TPA2291LTechnical Theatre Lab II
TPA2292Production Involvement I
TPA3007CIntroduction to Design I
TPA3008Introduction to Design II
TPA3223CTechnical Theatre: Lighting
TPA3251Drafting and CAD II
TPA3296Design Practicum
TPA3601Stage Management
TPA4011Design Studio I
TPA4011CScenic Design
TPA4013Design Studio III
TPA4045Costume Design
TPA4077Scene Painting
TPA4094CAdvanced Design
TPA4293Production Involvement II
TPA4298Advanced Design Practicum
TPA4359CAdvanced Technology

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