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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

UAP1024Urban Public Issues
UAP2004Principles of Real Estate
UAP3224Policy Implementation
UAP3344Global Environ Issues
UAP3434Public Administration
UAP3444Administrative Law and Policy
UAP3744Public Policy Analysis
UAP4214Gender Envi Intl Development
UAP4264Environmental Ethics
UAP4344Law of Critical Envl Areas
UAP4394Renewable Energy Syst
UAP4854Urban Infrastructure
UAP4914Public & Urban Seminar
UAP4964Field Study
UAP4974Independent Study
UAP4994Undergraduate Research
UAP5034Global Political Economy
UAP5074GAdv Comm Renewable Energy Sys
UAP5084Collab Community Involvement
UAP5126Planning Studio
UAP5174Planning Theory and History
UAP5214Topics Nat Resources Haz Plan
UAP5264GAdv Environ Ethics & Policy
UAP5304Land Use Planning
UAP5324Topics Infrastr Dev Countries
UAP5414Natural Res Planning Topics
UAP5424Metropolitan Planning Topics
UAP5464Qual Res Meth In Glob Studies
UAP5494Adv Quant TecnQ Urban
UAP5584Environmental Politics/Policy
UAP5644Transp Sys Planning
UAP5764Intl Devel Studio
UAP5774Econ Develp Studio
UAP5804Practicum Problem
UAP5894Final Examination
UAP5904Project and Report
UAP5924Peace Corp Enrollment
UAP5964Field Study
UAP5974Independent Study
UAP5994Research and Thesis
UAP7994Research and Dissertation

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