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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

URSP399IIndependent Study
URSP600Research Design and Application
URSP604The Planning Process
URSP606Planning Economics
URSP631Transportation and Land Use
URSP640Growth Management and Environmental Planning
URSP661City and Regional Economic Development Planning
URSP673Community Development
URSP688BRecent Developments in Urban Studies; Urban Infrastructure Planning and Public Works
URSP688NRecent Developments in Urban Studies; Urban Transportation Planning and Policy
URSP688ORecent Developments in Urban Studies; US Housing Policy & Planning
URSP688YRecent Developments in Urban Studies; Smart Cities and Urban Data Science
URSP709Field Instruction
URSP788Independent Study in Urban Studies and Planning
URSP798Readings in Urban Studies and Planning
URSP799Master's Thesis Research
URSP805Seminar in Research Design
URSP898Pre-Candidacy Research
URSP899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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