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Morgan State University  S20 Department List

ABRD Study Abroad
ACCT Accounting
ACSC Actuarial Science
ALCR Analytical & Critical Reading
APLS Applied Liberal Studies
ARAB Arabic
ARCH Architecture
ASLC Adv Studies Lead - Curriculum
ASLD Adv Stud Lead - Dynamics
ASLJ Adv Stud Lead - Jurisprudence
ASLL Adv Stud Lead - Learning
ASLP Adv Stud Lead - Politics & Pol
ASLT Adv Stud Lead - Technology
BIOI Bioinformatics
BIOL Biology
BSEP Balt. Student Exchange Program
BUAD Business Administration
CEAR Continuing Ed Arts
CEFA Continuing Education Fashion
CEGR Civil Engineering
CEHI Continuing Education History
CEHW Continuing Ed Health & Wellnes
CETP Continuing Ed Test Prep
CHEM Chemistry
CMGT Construction Management
COMM Communication
COOP Cooperative Education Science
COSC Computer Science
CREP City and Regional Plan
CSUC Sustainable Urban Communities
CUIN Curriculum and Instruction
EASC Earth Science
ECON Economics
EDAD Educational Administration
EDHE Community Coll Higher Educ
EDMA Mathematics Education
EDSC Science Education
EDSM Mathematics and Science Educ
EDSR Educ Statistics & Research
EDSU Educational Supervision
EDUC Education
EEGR Electrical Engineering
ELED Elementary Educ
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENST Environmental Studies
ENTR Entrepreneurship
FACS Family & Consumer Science
FIN Finance
FREN French
GENL General Studies
GEOG Geography
GERM German
GERO Gerontology
HIST History
HLTH Health
HOMG Hospitality Management
HONR Honors
HUMA Humanities
IEGR Industrial Engineering
INSS Information Sciences & Systems
INST International Studies
INTD Interior Design
ITAL Italian
JOUR Journalism
JPNS Japanese
LAAR Landscape Architecture
LATN Latin
MATH Mathematics
MDTC Medical Technology
MGMT Management
MHTC Mental Health Techology
MISC Military Science
MKTG Marketing
MMJN Multimedia Journalism
MPPD Multi-Platform Production
MUSA Music - Applied
MUSC Music
MUSE Museum Studies
NURS Nursing
NUSC Nutritional Sciences
OMPH Online-Master of Public Health
OMSW Online-Master of Social Work
ORBM Orientation School of Business
ORCH Orientation Comm.Hlth.& Policy
ORED Orientation School of Educat.
OREN Orientation School of Engin.
ORLA Orientation Coll. Liberal Arts
ORNS Orient Sch.Comp.Math.Nat. Scie
ORSJ Orientation for SGJC Students
ORSW Orient. Sch. of Social Work
PHEC Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POSC Political Science
PROJ Project Management
PSYC Psychology
PSYM Psychometrics
PUBH Public Health
RDHE Higher Education
RECR Recreation
REED Reading Education
RELG Religious Studies
SCED Secondary Education
SCOM Strategic Communication
SOCI Sociology
SOSC Social Science
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPCH Speech
SPED Special Education
SSCM Services and Supply Chain Mgmt
SWAL Swahili
SWAN Screenwriting & Animation
TELC Telecommunications
THEA Theatre
TRSP Transportation
TRSS Transportation Systems
WGST Woman Studies

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