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Virginia Commonwealth University  SS19 Department List

ACCT Accounting
ADLT Adult Education
ADMS Administration & Supervision
AFAM African-American Studies
ALHP Allied Health Professions
ANAT Anatomy
ANTH Anthropology
APPM Applied Music
ARTE Art Education
ARTF Art Foundation
ARTH Art History
ARTS Arts- Cross-Disciplinary
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BIOS Biostatistics
BIOZ Biology Lab
BNFO Bioinformatics
BRND VCU Brandcenter
BUSN Business
CCTR Clinical & Translational Res
CHEM Chemistry
CHEZ Chemistry Lab
CINE Cinema
CLED Counselor Education
CLLS Clinical Laboratory Sciences
CLRS Clinical Radiation Sciences
CLSE Chemical & Life Sci Engr
CMSC Computer Science
CMST Community Studies
COAR Communication Arts
COOP Cooperative Education
CRAF Crafts
CRJS Criminal Justice
DANC Dance
DENH Dental Hygiene
DENS Dental Special Topics
DNAP Nurse Anesthesia- DNAP
ECON Economics
ECSE Early Childhood Special Ed
EDLP Educational Leadership
EDUC Education
EDUS Educational Studies
EGMN Mech & Nuclear Engineering
EGRB Biomedical Engineering
EGRE Electrical Engineering
ENDO Endodontics
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENLP English Language Program
ENVS Environmental Studies
EPID Epidemiology & Comm Health
FASH Fashion
FIRE Finance, Insurance & Real Est
FMBA Fast Track MBA
FREN French
FRLG Foreign Languages
FRSC Forensic Science
GDES Graphic Design
GENP General Practice
GLED Global Education
GMED Graduate Medical Ed
GRAD Graduate School
GRMN German
GRTY Gerontology
GSWS Gender, Sexuality & Womens Stu
GVPA Government and Public Affairs
HADE Health Administration/Exec
HADM Health Administration
HCPR Healthcare Policy and Research
HEMS Health and Movement Sciences
HGEN Human Genetics
HIST History
HONR Honors
HPEX Health, Phy Ed & Exercise
HPEZ Health, Phy Ed & Ex Lab
HSEP Homeland Sec & Emergency Prep
HUMS Humanities and Sciences
IBMS Interdisc Biomedical Sciences
IDAS Institute Drug/Alcohol Studies
IDDS Interdis Develop Disab Studies
IDES Interior Design
INFO Information Systems
INNO da Vinci Center
INSC Interdisciplinary Science
INTL International Studies
IPAS Intl Program Addiction Studies
IPEC Interprof Ed & Collab Care
KINE Kinetic Imaging
LFSC Life Sciences
MASC Mass Communications
MATH Mathematics & Appl Mathematics
MATX Media, Art and Text
MEDC Medicinal Chemistry
MEDI Medicine
MEDP Medical Physics
MGMT Management
MHIS Music History, Theory & Lit
MICR Microbiology
MKTG Marketing
MUED Music Education
NANO Nanotechnology
NEUS Neurosciences
NRSA Nurse Anesthesia
NURS Nursing
OCCT Occupational Therapy
OCMB Oral & Craniofacial Molec Bio
OPER Operations Research
ORTH Orthodontics
OVPR Office of the VP for Research
PADM Public Administration
PAPR Painting and Printmaking
PATC Patient Counseling
PATH Pathology
PCEU Pharmaceutics
PEDD Pediatric Dentistry
PERI Periodontics
PHAR Pharmacy
PHIL Philosophy
PHIS Physiology
PHIZ Physiology Lab
PHTO Photography and Film
PHTX Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHTY Physical Therapy
PHYS Physics
POLI Political Science
PPAD Public Policy & Administration
PSCI Pharmaceutical Sciences
PSYC Psychology
READ Reading
RELS Religious Studies
REMS Rehabilitation & Movement Sci
RHAB Rehabilitation Counseling
SBHD Social & Behavioral Health
SCMA Supply Chain Mgmt & Analytics
SCPT Sculpture
SEDP Special Ed & Disability Policy
SLWK Social Work
SOCS Social Science
SOCY Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPCH Speech
SPTL Sport Leadership
SSOR Statistical Sci &Operation Res
STAT Statistics
STUA Study Abroad Programs
SWKD Social Work - Doctorate
SYSM Systems Modeling & Analysis
TEDU Teacher Education
THEA Theatre
UNIV University College
URSP Urban Studies & Planning
WRLD World Studies

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