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  Student Notes:

Student Notes are high quality handwritten or typed notes. They're an excellent value for comprehensive information on lectures and an interpretation by a student. See Notes List.

Sell Your Notes:

BookHolders introduces a program called Student Notes where a student can sell their notes from a completed class. Basically, your notes have to meet the requirements below and we will pay you $20.00* cash per class set of notes. To participate, email your notes to notes@bookholders.com or visit BookHolders with your notes. Once your notes are approved, we will pay you $20.00* cash per class set.

Requirements for acceptance of notes:

  1. Clearly Typed or Handwritten Notes. (Handwritten notes must be legible and able to be photocopied and digitized. Notes must be written in blue or black ink, pencil is not acceptable unless very dark)
  2. Notes cannot be double sided in order to digitize and photocopy (may be acceptable if not done on notebook paper).
  3. Must be for a UMCP class.
  4. Must include at least 20 + pages and include the full semester of notes from the first day of class until the last day of class.
  5. Must include organization structure with date and class information.
  6. Must be written notes by the student and not any other third party.
  7. Must NOT include exams, quizzes, handouts, power point, review sheets, instructor published material or any personal information (can be removed). Notetakers individual interpretations of these materials is acceptable.
  8. Notes must not be more than two semesters old.
*First set of notes, each additional set receives $10 per set. If you're interested or have any questions please call 301-209-9313.
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