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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ACIS1004Accounting Foundations
ACIS1104Careers in ACIS
ACIS1504Intro to Bus Analytics & BI
ACIS2115Principles of Accounting
ACIS2116Principles of Accounting
ACIS2504Intro to Accounting Analytics
ACIS3115Intermediate Financial Acct.
ACIS3116Intermediate Financial Acct.
ACIS3314Tax Impact on Decisions
ACIS3504Acct Sys and Controls
ACIS3554Networks, Telecom, & Security
ACIS4024Info Sys Audit & Con
ACIS4114Advanced Financial Accounting
ACIS4194Analysis of Fin Statements
ACIS4214Cost Planning and Control
ACIS4344Tax for Financial Planners
ACIS4364Taxation Business Operations
ACIS4414Financial Statement Auditing
ACIS4654Accounting Analytics
ACIS4664ESG Accounting
ACIS4974Independent Study
ACIS4994Undergraduate Research
ACIS5014Info Sys Audit & Ctrl
ACIS5064Tax of Bus Op & Adv Inc Tax
ACIS5114GAdvanced Financial Accounting
ACIS5314Tax Concepts and Research
ACIS5334Advanced Corporate Tax
ACIS5364Multi-jurisdictional Tax Cncpt
ACIS5424Research and Analysis in Acct
ACIS5504Sys/Database Concepts
ACIS5524Adv Database Mgt Sys
ACIS5584Info Sys Security & Assurance
ACIS5614Implementing Mgt Controls
ACIS5624Cybersec Govern and Risk Mgmt
ACIS5654GAdvanced Accounting Analytics
ACIS5664ESG Accounting
ACIS5754Internship in Accounting
ACIS5974Independent Study
ACIS5994Research And Thesis
ACIS6014Behavioral Accounting Research
ACIS7994Research And Dissertation

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