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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARCH1016Foundation Design Laboratory
ARCH1044Life in the Built Environment
ARCH2016Architecture II
ARCH2034Art of Building
ARCH2044Building Materials
ARCH3016Architecture III
ARCH3046Building Assemblies
ARCH3054Building Analysis
ARCH3115Histories of Architecture
ARCH3514Design-Related Media
ARCH4016Architecture IV
ARCH4034Building Cities
ARCH4044Professional Practice
ARCH4055Envir Bldg Systems
ARCH4056Envir Bldg Systems
ARCH4075Building Structures
ARCH4154Adv Bldg Struct II
ARCH4164Comp Appl Design
ARCH4204Urban Tech & Arch
ARCH4214Topic Arch His & Theo
ARCH4304Topics in Design Methods
ARCH4514Thesis Inquiry
ARCH4515Architecture V
ARCH4516Architecture V
ARCH4524Thesis Documentation
ARCH4706Qualifying Design Seminar
ARCH4716Qualifying Design Laboratory
ARCH4964Field Study
ARCH4974Independent Study
ARCH4974HIndependent Study
ARCH4994Undergraduate Research
ARCH5036Adv Env Controls
ARCH5044GProfessional Practice
ARCH5056Advanced Building Structures
ARCH5064Topics in Comp Appl Design
ARCH5116Media & Environment
ARCH5126Materials Processes Workshop
ARCH5134Top Arch Hist Theory
ARCH5516Arch & Systems Lab
ARCH5566Bldg Materials & Construction
ARCH5706Arch & Urban Seminar
ARCH5716Arch & Urbanism Lab
ARCH5756Advanced Design Laboratory
ARCH5775GIntermediate Bldg Structures
ARCH5894Final Examination
ARCH5904Project and Report
ARCH5974Independent Study
ARCH5994Research and Thesis
ARCH7994Research and Dissertation

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