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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARCH1016Foundation Design Laboratory
ARCH1044Life in the Built Environment
ARCH2016Architecture II
ARCH2044Building Materials
ARCH3016Architecture III
ARCH3046Building Assemblies
ARCH3054Building Analysis
ARCH3115Histories of Architecture
ARCH3514Design-Related Media
ARCH4004Architecture IV - Option Lab
ARCH4014Architecture IV - Integrative
ARCH4034Building Cities
ARCH4044Professional Practice
ARCH4055Envir Bldg Systems
ARCH4056Envir Bldg Systems
ARCH4075Building Structures
ARCH4154Adv Bldg Struct II
ARCH4164Comp Appl Design
ARCH4204Urban Tech & Arch
ARCH4214Topic Arch His & Theo
ARCH4304Topics in Design Methods
ARCH4514Thesis Inquiry
ARCH4515Architecture V
ARCH4516Architecture V
ARCH4524Thesis Documentation
ARCH4706Qualifying Design Seminar
ARCH4716Qualifying Design Laboratory
ARCH4954Study Abroad
ARCH4964Field Study
ARCH4974Independent Study
ARCH4974HIndependent Study
ARCH4994Undergraduate Research
ARCH5036Adv Env Controls
ARCH5044GProfessional Practice
ARCH5056Advanced Building Structures
ARCH5064Topics in Comp Appl Design
ARCH5116Media & Environment
ARCH5126Materials Processes Workshop
ARCH5134Top Arch Hist Theory
ARCH5516Arch & Systems Lab
ARCH5566Bldg Materials & Construction
ARCH5706Arch & Urban Seminar
ARCH5716Arch & Urbanism Lab
ARCH5756Advanced Design Laboratory
ARCH5775GIntermediate Bldg Structures
ARCH5894Final Examination
ARCH5904Project and Report
ARCH5974Independent Study
ARCH5994Research and Thesis
ARCH7994Research and Dissertation

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