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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ART2201CConcepts and Practices I
ART2203CConcepts and Practices II
ART2251Illustration I
ART2301CBeginning Drawing
ART2400CBeginning Printmaking
ART2500CBeginning Painting
ART2602Digital Imaging
ART2701CBeginning Sculpture
ART2750CBeginning Ceramics
ART3310CIntermediate Drawing
ART3461CIntermediate Printmaking
ART3465Digital Printmaking
ART3530CIntermediate Painting
ART3610CDigital Modeling
ART3612CVideo, Animation, Digital Arts
ART3616CComputer Animation
ART3635Sel Top: Video/Anima/Dig Art
ART3709CIntermediate Sculpture
ART3735Topics in Sculpture
ART3761CIntermediate Ceramics
ART4320CAdvanced Drawing
ART4402CAdvanced Printmaking
ART4520CAdvanced Painting
ART4614CAdv Video, Animation, Dig.Arts
ART4642Digital Fabrications
ART4710CAdvanced Sculpture
ART4782CAdvanced Ceramics
ART4905Directed Study
ART4930Arts Industry
ART4930Avant Garde
ART4930Real World
ART4940Art and Art History Internship
ART4970CSenior Thesis
ART6937Grad Instruction Methods
ART6940Selected Topics In Art
ART6956MFA Research Project

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