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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CCJ3024Survey Criminal Justice System
CCJ3058Professionalism in Crim and CJ
CCJ3117Theories of Criminal Behavior
CCJ3621Patterns of Criminal Behavior
CCJ3701Research Mthds Crim Justice I
CCJ4072Crime Mapping with ArcGIS
CCJ4224Miscarriages of Justice
CCJ4361Death Penalty
CCJ4604Abnormal Behav/Criminality
CCJ4613Forensic Psychology
CCJ4651Drugs and Crime
CCJ4662Race and Crime
CCJ4681Domestic Violence
CCJ4900Directed Readings
CCJ4910Directed Research
CCJ4930Policing in a Global Society
CCJ4933Sel Topics in Criminology
CCJ4933Serial Killers
CCJ4933Top: Crime in Digital Age
CCJ4933Top: Cyber Investigations
CCJ4933Top: Incarceration
CCJ4933Top: Parricide
CCJ4933Top: Serial Killers WINTER
CCJ4933Top:Human Trafficking
CCJ4933Top:Policing in Changing Times
CCJ4933Top:Sex Offenses&Victimization
CCJ4934Sem: Aiding in Prison Reentry
CCJ4934Sem: Child Abuse and Neglect
CCJ4934Sem: Domestic Violence
CCJ4934Sem: Homicide
CCJ4934Sem: Supreme Court & Law
CCJ4934Sem:Drugs/STDs in JJ System
CCJ4934Sem:Issues in Corrections
CCJ4939 Senior Capstone Seminar
CCJ4940Internship Crim Justice Majors
CCJ6057Cybercrime Capstone
CCJ6637Technology Adoption and Crime
CCJ6638Sem in Nature:Utilizing Survey
CCJ6705Research Methods Criminology
CCJ6706Quant Analysis Criminology I
CCJ6707Quant Analysis Criminology II
CCJ6905Directed Independent Study
CCJ6910Directed Research
CCJ6935Current Perspectives in Cyber
CCJ6935MACJ Capstone
CCJ6935Theory & Prac Crime Prevention
CCJ6936Current Issues in Law Enf
CCJ6971Thesis: Master's
CCJ7606Theories of Crime II
CCJ7910Advanced Research
CCJ7980Doctoral Dissertation

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