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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CGN3021LCivil Engineering Laboratory
CGN4122Prof/Ethical Issues in Engr
CGN4851Concrete Construction Material
CGN4905Independent Study
CGN4933Adv Undergrad Research Exp
CGN4933Auto/Connected Transp
CGN4933Fate & Trans of Chem in Env
CGN4933Prof/Ethical Issues in Engr
CGN4933Resilient and Sust Infrastruct
CGN6311CIntro to Data Science
CGN6906Independent Study
CGN6933Adv Concrete Constr. Materials
CGN6933Auto/Connected Transp
CGN6933Environmental Modeling
CGN6933Food Energy Water Systems
CGN6933Intro to Data Science
CGN6933Leadership In Engineering
CGN6933Network Modeling, Design, Op.
CGN6933Professional Practice of CE
CGN6933Water Reuse: Policy & Practice
CGN6945Graduate Research Methods
CGN6971Thesis: Master's
CGN7915Directed Research
CGN7980Dissertation Doctoral

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